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Yankee Doodle…“It’s Just Dandy”


The word Connecticut is derived from the Native American word quinetucket, which means “besides the long, tidal river”. This New England state is celebrated for its fall foliage, Yale, and being the home of ESPN. Also known as the birthplace of the hamburger and the lollipop, Connecticut is the proud home to six of the most dynamic and influential Delta chapters in the East. 


This postcard sextet is dedicated to those six amazing chapters: Hartford Alumnae, New Haven Alumnae, Greater Waterbury Alumnae, Fairfield County Alumnae, Pi Alpha and Upsilon Omicron.

Notably New Haven

SKU: PC004

Yankee Doodle 6 for $10

  • Size: 6" x 4"


    Mohawk Superfine Eggshell

    Paper Color: Ultra white

    Cover:100 lb

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